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Kestra Medical Technologies

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Kestra Medical Technologies is a wearable medical device and digital healthcare company that helps protect patients with diagnostic and therapeutic technologies that are intuitive, intelligent, and mobile.

Kestra innovations empower providers and patients to collaborate towards better care and improved outcomes.

Our Mission

Kestra’s Mission is to provide innovative, intuitive medical technologies to protect and support at-risk patients.

Our Team of professionals with deep expertise in Class III therapeutic medical devices works together focused on our Core principles of innovation, collaboration, and execution.

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Kestra Products
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Kestra's initial product, the ASSURE® system, includes the ASSURE WCD, ASSURE patient app, and Kestra CareStation™ remote patient data platform, designed to work in concert to offer confidence, comfort, and connection to patients—and clarity for healthcare providers.

ASSURE Cardiac Recovery System


A wearable device for patients at risk of sudden cardiac arrest that can provide automatic detection and defibrillation for ventricular arrhythmias.

ASSURE Cardiac Recovery System

Kestra CareStation

The Kestra CareStation platform is a cloud-based remote patient data platform, providing relevant data for doctors, allowing them to conveniently track patient progress and receive notifications.

Kestra CareStation

ASSURE Patient App

The ASSURE patient app is a convenient mobile application which automatically transmits data to care teams via the Kestra CareStation remote patient data platform at certain time intervals or when a patient chooses to transmit. The app also allows patients to watch educational videos, track their physical activity and usage time, access troubleshooting information, and empowers patient self-management of his or her recovery.

ASSURE Patient App
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Empathy Powered Design

Kestra deploys a design approach we call Empathy Powered Design™ that focuses intensively on the patient experience—and the experience of those who care for them, both healthcare providers and patients’ loved ones and families.

As Kestra grows, we aim to create best-in-class products and platforms through active research and product development, always putting safety, efficacy, ease of use, and patient and caregiver empowerment at the forefront.

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Kestra was founded in 2014 by leaders from the automated external defibrillator (AED) and implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) industries, who were inspired to develop modern, wearable, advanced technology diagnostic and therapy products.

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Brian Webster

President and Chief Executive Officer
Traci Umberger@2x.jpg

Traci Umberger

General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer
Vaseem Mahboob.jpg

Vaseem Mahboob

Chief Financial Officer
Phillip Foshee.jpg

Phillip Foshee

Vice President, Research & Development

Debra Schotz

Senior Vice President, Marketing
Michael Gill.jpg

Michael Gill

Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations
Beverly Magrane.jpg

Beverly Magrane

Vice President, Quality and Regulatory Affairs
Jeff Laub.jpg

Jeff Laub

Vice President, Operations and Supply Chain
Gordon Teddy@3x.jpg

Gordon Teddy

Vice President, IT & Customer Experience
Keith Claeys@3x.jpg

Keith Claeys

Vice President, Finance
Laura Gustavson.jpg

Laura Gustavson

Vice President, Clinical Marketing

Simpson Kwan

VP Financial Planning & Analysis

Christine Schlenker

Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management

Board of Directors

Christopher Gordon.png

Christopher Gordon

Orly Mishan.png

Orly Mishan


Jeffrey Schwartz

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Mary Kay Ladone


Toby AuWerter

Brian Webster@2x.jpg

Brian Webster

Traci Umberger@2x.jpg

Traci Umberger

Kestra Culture

We are a team of builders who share a passion to create lifesaving products and services that make a difference in patients’ lives. It is our privilege and responsibility to meet patients personally and to support and protect them through our work. We care, we collaborate, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

“This was my first job after graduating college, and I was joining as a young woman in STEM. As soon as I started, team members took me under their wings, and I never once doubted my belonging in this organization. It's comforting that regardless of my background or identity, I know I'll be treated with respect and equity.“

Rachel Y.

“I get to work with so many great individuals from all different backgrounds and I learn so much on a daily basis from my fellow Team Members.“

Matt E.

“I love my role and the culture at Kestra! I wake up every morning optimistic and eager to carry out our mission.“

Michael M.


Join Our Team

At Kestra we offer opportunities to work on unique projects, across multiple disciplines, in a collaborative, creative, and fast-paced environment. We foster innovation, reward performance, and have fun.

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Compliance and Ethics

Kestra maintains a continuing commitment to conducting our business honestly, ethically, and in accordance with applicable laws, with respect to our team members, customers, marketplace, and global community.

We are guided by our Code of Conduct and Business Code of Conduct, which are continually reviewed and enhanced as appropriate or as required by applicable laws and regulations.

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ESG Snapshots

Kestra's Commitments

Kestra is committed to being a responsible business, beginning with the four commitments in the Kestra Code of Conduct which advance the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

Kestra's commitments to local and global communities, patients and providers, the marketplace, and our own Team support a respectful, inclusive, engaged culture where integrity, quality, trust, and community are paramount.

Explore snapshots of our ESG journey at Kestra.

Women in Leadership

Kestra prioritizes supporting and developing women in leadership, meeting the unique needs of female cardiac patients, and empowering women practitioners in all areas of Cardiology and Electrophysiology.

That’s just one of our commitments to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), all of which contribute to building and growing our broadly inclusive company culture.

Team Engagement in ESG

Team members across the country are highly engaged in five Kestra ESG committees, each of which offers opportunities to lead, participate and make a difference. They include Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Philanthropy, Professional Development, Networking, and Mentoring committees.

Measuring and reporting on Team engagement in ESG helps us keep ourselves accountable for strengthening the culture of Kestra by putting our values into action.

Community Philanthropy

Our Team supports an array of local and national community impact organizations. This includes nonprofits like Mary’s Place, which provides safe, inclusive shelter for women, children and families on their journey out of homelessness. Kestra has supported their mission of “No child sleeps outside” since the company’s founding.

Additional philanthropy efforts have supported organizations including Bloodworks Northwest and the American Heart Association.

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Kestra Team@2x.jpg
Kestra Team@2x.png
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Investor Relations

Kestra is a closely held private company and a portfolio company of Bain Capital, one of the world’s leading alternative investment firms with deep global experience in healthcare.

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