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Modern Wearable Cardiac Protection


Introducing the ASSURE WCD

The ASSURE® Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillator (WCD) system from Kestra Medical Technologies provides important advantages based on patient-focused design and advanced technology.

WCDs work when patients wear them, with over 90% survival after an appropriate shock.¹,²,³ Yet providers report challenges when it comes to patient compliance.

Now, there’s a modern approach.

1 Wäßnig, N.K., et al. Circulation. 2016;134(9):635-43.  
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Welcome to ASSURE

The ASSURE system is a modern approach to sudden cardiac arrest protection.

It includes the ASSURE WCD, the ASSURE patient app and the Kestra CareStation™ remote patient data platform, all working together as a digital healthcare system to empower your team.

Designed for What Matters Most:

✓ Compliance

✓ Clarity

✓ Confidence

Comfort, Connection, Confidence


A wearable device for patients at risk of sudden cardiac arrest that can provide automatic detection and defibrillation for ventricular arrhythmias.

Kestra CareStation

Kestra CareStation remote patient data platform provides configurable notifications for clinical events and trending of physiologic and device data at any time.

ASSURE Patient App

A mobile app that transmits patient heart rhythm data securely and lets patients monitor their usage time, track activity, and learn more about using the system.

Designed for Comfort and Compliance

HeartPoint Alert Button

Enables the patient to interact easily with the WCD—by hearing, feeling, and touching—all from an intuitive location on the body. 

Designed for Comfort & Compliance

SensorFit Garments

Made of breathable, lightweight fabrics with nonadhesive, embedded, and cushioned ECG sensors that are designed to move with the patient and capture high-fidelity ECG signals.

Designed for Comfort and Compliance

ASSURE Monitor

The ASSURE Monitor features the ASSURE Detection Algorithm and includes:

Quad Channel Processing™ utilizes four channels of high-fidelity ECG to determine the patient’s heart rate and rhythm. Only one noise-free channel is required for rhythm analysis.

Adaptive Patient Intelligence™ is a proprietary technology that adapts to the patient’s heart rhythm to filter out artifacts caused by patient motion.

Clear Patient Information Anytime, Anywhere

Kestra CareStation

A remote patient data platform for the physician that offers efficient tools for managing cardiac patient care.

The Kestra CareStation platform delivers relevant data and valuable insights into patient heart rhythms and usage compliance:

  • Clear patient reports that include VT, VF, bradycardia, asystole, and non-sustained ventricular arrhythmia episodes.

  • WCD usage and physical activity trends.

  • Population dashboard with configurable notifications.

View a Kestra CareStation Sample Report

Empowering Patients in Their Recovery

ASSURE Patient App

Can automatically transmit patient heart rhythm data and lets patients monitor their usage time, track activity, and learn more about using the system.


Freedom to Move

The ASSURE WCD offers patients the freedom to go about their daily lives during recovery with ease and confidence. The SensorFit Garments’ practical design and comfortable styling offer cardiac patients high reliability medical device protection while supporting normal patient activities.

Better compliance offers better protection.

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Important Information About the ASSURE System

Indications for Use: The ASSURE system is indicated for adult patients who are at risk for sudden cardiac arrest and are not candidates for, or refuse, an implantable defibrillator.

Contraindications: The ASSURE system is contraindicated for use on patients with an active implantable defibrillator.

Intended Use: The ASSURE system is intended for patients who have been prescribed this device by their physician.


The ASSURE system is not intended for use on patients with an implantable pacemaker that produces a pacemaker pulse artifact greater than 0.5 mV on any ASSURE system ECG channel. This artifact may interfere with the system’s ability to detect dangerous heart rhythms and prevent shock delivery.

Operating a motorcycle, boat, riding lawnmower, or other noisy vehicle, or any vehicle or equipment that emits heavy vibrations while wearing the ASSURE system may prevent the patient from realizing an alert is happening.

Keep the ASSURE system, Charger, and all accessories away from open flame, flammable gases, or other potential fire sources. Shock delivery in these environments may pose an explosion or fire hazard risk.

The ASSURE system is magnetic resonance (MR) unsafe. Do not wear or use this device near MR imaging equipment.

Do not place the Monitor, Therapy Cable, Charger, or Battery in water or other liquids. Avoid spilling any liquids on these devices. Liquids entering these devices may cause them to malfunction or fail.

Do not alter, drop, or abuse any part of the ASSURE system. Attempting to alter the equipment in any way may cause the device to malfunction or fail. Do not take apart the Monitor. Dangerous high voltages may be present. If service is required, call the ASSURE Helpline at (833) 692-7787 (toll free).

During use, do not stack or place the ASSURE system near other equipment. Doing so may cause the system to malfunction or fail due to EMI exposure from the other equipment. If such use is necessary, the ASSURE system and the other equipment should be observed to verify that they are operating normally.

Only use portable RF communications equipment that is included with or intended for use with the ASSURE system. Do not use any other portable RF communications equipment (including antenna cables and external antennas) any closer than 12 inches (30 cm) to any part of the system. Otherwise, equipment performance may suffer.

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